What can I expect from my visit to a chiropractor?

As a licensed practitioner, it is the duty of your chiropractor to do the following: 

  • A thorough review of your specific problem is conducted, including relevant past history and overall health.
  • You will be asked to perform physical tests and movements to help identify the problem.
  • In certain situations, an X-ray may be used to confirm the history and examination findings and to investigate for the presence of any underlying bone conditions or pathological development.  When clinically indicated, x-rays will be taken in house.  Chiro 1st Physical Medicine does NOT take x-rays for the sole purpose of determining postural subluxations or misalignments.
  • A diagnosis is made, with a treatment plan outlining the steps necessary for resolution of the problem(s) if your condition is deemed a chiropractic care case. If it is not a problem that chiropractic can help, an appropriate referral is arranged.
  • A prognosis is made, taking into account your general health habits, occupation, stress and activity levels. Keep in mind this prognosis is based on the patient following the treatment plan carefully to ensure proper resolution of the problem.
  • Your response to treatment is monitored by your chiropractor, who looks for an  improvement to your specific condition, as well as for changes in your overall health. 

Two of the basic components of chiropractic care are wellness and prevention.  Utilization of exercises, along with nutrition and lifestyle modifications are usually a component of the treatment plan.  These exercises and lifestyle changes are designed to speed your recovery process, improve your overall well-being and promote active, patient-centered care
because there is only one person responsible for your own health, you!