ID Nutrition-IDLIFE

IDLIFE is going to completely revolutionize the health and wellness industry! 
The "ID" in IDLIFE stands for "Individually Designed" because the company's featured product is a vitamin pack that are specifically tailored for each individual, based on sex, age, exercise and eating habits, climate sun exposure, medical conditions and even prescription medications. That last point is huge – finally a vitamin pack that takes into account what a person nutritionally needs based on how medications are affecting the bodies nutrients. And when medications change for that individual so does the vitamin pack. (Of course, the entire website is HIPPA-compliant, for confidentiality purposes.)
The ideal application of this approach is IDLife's approach to vitamins; getting you exactly what YOU need in the right doses at the right time - all at a fraction of the retail cost.
And to top it off, the products are all Natural and Organic, Non-GMO, No-Gluten and Casein-free.

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